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South Asia has an extremely rich oral tradition from Vyasa's telling of the Mahabharata, the Jataka tales to the dastangois of more recent centuries. But with the hectic pace of modern life and the digital age, one doesn't quite get the opportunity to realise this extremely important part of our culture.

Join our welcoming community to share your voices and celebrate those of others, including those often forgotten. Perhaps listening to these stories will awaken a love of history, of reading in some of you.

Sia and the Langurs by Saanvi Shenoy

Four-year old Saanvi Santharam Shenoy brings you the adventures of Sia from Coimbatore in this entertaining video. Sia had a beautiful vegetable patch with tempting beans. One day, a few hungry Langurs came to her patch to eat them but her elephant, Emily chased them away. Sia was confused, and kept wondering about those langurs. She came up with the clever idea to put up a feeder so that they could eat without destroying the crops. The story teaches us that everyone can come up with a creative solution to a problem if they set their minds to it. Saanvi tells this narrative in a captivating way, complete with photographs, videos and sound effects.

Sita Mata ki Khoj by Dr Chitra Singh

Dr Chitra Singh narrates the story of the search for Sita after her abduction. Ram and Lakshman were informed by a herd of deers that Ravan, the king of Lanka had taken Sita towards the south. They started travelling in that direction, searching frantically and chanced upon Jatayu, a demi-god eagle who’s beak was broken and feathers cut. He informed them that he tried to stop Ravan but failed and apologised. They continued their journey south and met Shabri and then Sugreev, a monkey king. Sugreev segregated the army into monkeys and bears and sent the most powerful ahead in Sita’s search. Hanuman was the front leader of the monkeys. After passing many hurdles and conquering numerous devils, Hanuman entered Lanka as a fly and spotted Sita with the help of Ravan’s brother, Vibhishan. He was carrying Ram’s ring with him as a token of his alliance.